Have you gotten a friend into the K-pop scene or have you ever felt the excitement of watching others evolve into becoming part of a fandom? If so, check out RT TV on YouTube! They not only have over 786K views, but they have a total of 379 million views on their YouTube channel! This group of friends know how to be entertaining, honest in their reactions, and are always willing to watch and hear something new.

Not only have these content creators become fans of K-pop, but they have joined a variety of fandoms based on reacting to music videos, idol group variety shows, and fan-made content. They have gotten so into K-pop that they’ve already attended concerts, bought idol group merch, and have gone on the streets to introduce K-pop music to strangers to see their reactions!

RT TV stands for “Round Table TV.” They call it the “Round Table” because it is a group of friends that are pretty much like a family, who react, discuss, and explore all different kinds of entertainment together. RT TV’s main content creators are Patric, DC, Wellz, Jerry, and Robcity. Watch the introduction in their videos – which shows off their personalities! While reacting to K-pop videos have been some of their highest-viewed videos, this group of guys react to anything from television shows, sports games, a wide spectrum of music, and they create their own content. Definitely check out some of their other material that may interest you!  

In terms of K-pop, RT TV creates reaction videos of covers or challenges of idol group choreographies, tour vlogs, KCON vlogs, and public reactions to K-pop videos. If you watch RT TV content from when they first started reacting to K-pop videos, you’ll find that having multiple perspectives on a single video is entertaining to watch. Each one of the creators shows their personalities and gives their honest opinions. From dancing to the music to analyzing the music videos, and even starting to remember idol group members’ names, their evolution of getting involved in the K-pop world is fascinating!      

Just so you can get an idea of who RT TV loves watching and listening to K-pop-wise, check out the poster behind them in their videos! Also, look out for some free giveaways for merch! Stay up to date with new content too by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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