Ever wonder about the perspectives that Korean people have on Korea and its culture? What about the perspectives of foreigners on Korea and Korean culture? How about what Koreans and foreigners think about other cultures or trends in other countries? Just having an interest in wanting to get to know someone else’s perspective can be educational and inspiring. The YouTube channel, Korean Studio, produces and creates content that really touches on different perspectives, but with a focus on Korea and Korean people. 

From addressing stereotypes, experimenting being in “someone’s shoes”, to being open-minded and having honest conversations, Korean Studio does a great job of creating content that educates and entertains people at the same time. While Korean Studio has apologized and admitted to not researching enough for some videos they uploaded, they are willing to educate themselves and to stay informed with their viewers that their voices matter. Knowing that a YouTube channel is taking accountability and does read viewers’ comments on each video, it is important to note that Korean Studio is learning how to better their channel and the content they produce. 

What type of stereotypes does Korean Studio address? And from whose perspective?

  • Korean Stereotypes of black people

Korean Studio made a video based on the Korean stereotypes of black people but from a black person’s perspective. Three black females talk about their experiences in Korea, express what they believe Koreans think about black people, and address their concerns, worries, and dislikes about being black in Korea. All three females express that there is a cultural difference from where they are from and hope for more acceptance of black people in Korea without prejudging them on how they should act or look.

  • How Do Korean Think About Black People

While Korean Studio made a video based on stereotypes of black people in Korea, they also made a video based on this topic, but from a Korean perspective. Three Korean’s talk about their experiences interacting with black people and compare them with their initial thoughts on black people (how they look, how they act, etc.). While their perspectives may seem like they are going off of stereotypes, it is important to note that they are addressing and creating open-minded conversation over an issue that they know exists in Korea.

What type of content does Korean Studio’s create that experiments being in “someone else’s” shoes?

  •  The discomfort of women that men have never felt in their lives. (Wearing a wig)

Korean Studio’s created a series of videos that are based on men feeling the discomforts that women go through on a daily basis. While women deal with fixing and trying to get their hair out of the way throughout the day, eating can be a discomfort every now and then. These men are experiencing what it is like to be a woman with long hair while eating.

  • The discomfort of women that men never felt in their lives. (Wear a skirt and go to the bathroom)

Another video from the series is based on the discomfort that women feel while wearing a skirt to use the restroom. This video has men talking about their own discomforts as men when they use the restroom, but they also experiment with experiencing the discomfort of what women feel.

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