Have you ever wanted someone to give you advice and be completely unbiased about the situation? Have you ever wanted someone to be straight up with you about an issue and give you an honest answer? Well, DIVE Studios’ What Would Jamie Do? (WWJD) is the podcast you need!

What Would Jamie Do is hosted by Park Jimin (also known as Jamie), K-pop idol and former co-host of After School Club. Jamie has a fiery, straight-forward, and energetic personality that makes this podcast unique! Every episode is filled with questions from viewers who would like Jamie’s advice or honest opinions about an issue. The great thing about hearing these statements is knowing that you or someone else out there may be going through the same situation, or you might reflect on how you dealt with a similar experience.        


Because Jamie has such a caring vibe, her answers and advice usually leave viewers feeling like she has their back!  That is the unique quality of her podcast. Jamie is very passionate about what she says to her listeners who put their faith in her to help them sort out their issues.  

What are some episodes that will get you hooked on listening to her podcast?

  • NOBODY Came To Her Party *Emotional*  

This particular video is from WWJD’s eleventh episode on bullying and having “real” friends. In this highlight, a girl states that she invited people for a party and none of them showed up.  Her parents even went above and beyond to make sure that her party would be fun and successful. Imagine going all out for a party that no one shows up to… Get some advice from Eric, Kevin, and Jamie! 

  • Being the Butt of the Joke

This video is a highlight from WWJD’s fifteenth episode. Ever find yourself not being taken seriously? Well, one listener submitted this as his sticky situation! Due to his personality of being a joker in the past, the listener opens up to Jamie about how to deal with this issue. Jamie shares her honest opinion of the people (his friends) who do not take him seriously. She also gives advice on how to not be seen as the butt of the joke with people he already knows and with new people he may meet later in life.  We can all learn about ourselves from the past and use that to become the people we want to be in the future!   

  • Do Girls Really Use Tinder to Find Friends?

On WWJD’s fourth episode, Justin Choi, a friend of Jamie’s that she met through mutual friends at Arirang, was a guest host and gave his perspective on the sticky situations as well. In this particular highlight, Justin and Jamie discuss how a girl who wanted to meet friends through a dating app ended up having a guy that kept spamming her phone. As the pair gives their opinions on how to deal with that situation, they end up finalizing the fact that girls do go on dating apps to find friends.    

For more highlights and episodes, you can find her podcast on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Patreon, and Twitter!  What do you think of WWJD? What would you ask her if you had the chance?

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Written by Jenna Tokioka

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