BTS Love Yourself Series & World Tour

Going back to 2018, BTS kicked off their Love Yourself World Tour at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Beginning their tour at a stadium filled with ARMY’s, BTS went on to sell out arenas in North America, Europe, and Asia.  In February 2019, BTS was near the end of their Love Yourself World Tour, when Big Hit Entertainment announced the dates and locations for their stadium tour, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself.

With the extension of their world tour, BTS was surprised but appreciated the fact that they would be going on to do stadium tours in the US, UK, France, Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The stadium tour kicked off in May 2019 and ended in October 2019.  By the end of their stadium tour, BTS was named the Top-grossing Touring Group of 2019 and was ranked number 3 on Billboard’s Top 40 Tours.


With the success of the Love Yourself series and world tours, Big Hit Entertainment announced, BTS’ next big event, ‘BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS’. The pop-up event lasted from October 2019 – January 2020. What was great about ‘BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS’ was the merchandise being sold at the physical location and on WeVerse – where ARMYs from all over the world could purchase these items. For those at the physical location, BTS and ARMYs could experience the Bangtan World with BTS’ music video backdrops/props, merchandise, food, and beverages. This was a brand new and refreshing event that could bring ARMYs and BTS together.

BTS visited the Seoul site for ‘BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS’ and loved it! They expressed how ARMY would probably love the event and could get amazing merchandise, take cute photos, and get a taste of what music video backdrops look liked from their official music videos. BTS showed their funny, entertaining, and memorable moments visiting the site and even showed what they purchased from the store. One of the best moments was BTS reacting and taking photos with their tiny character line!

TinyTAN’s Small Debut

TinyTAN made its debut on October 18, 2019. The character trailer showed a tiny cute animation version of the BTS members dancing to their song, “IDOL”, in what seems to be an ARMY’s room. The characters were even wearing the same outfits as the members in their music video and showed the same personality traits as the members. From the choreography to cute gestures that BTS members have done in the past, these tiny characters are real mini versions of the members. Towards the end of the trailer, the video advertises that these tiny characters can meet ARMY’s at ‘BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS’. 

BTS members wrote messages on their tiny character figurines during their visit to the event. All members took selfies with their character and even said how realistic the characters resemble them – all the way down to the dimple detail of BTS member and group leader, RM. I think we can all agree that BTS member V, trying to wink and sit down like his character was beyond cute! To think how the characters are like a copy of the members and V was trying to copy his character is adorable!    

TinyTAN Makes Official Debut

TinyTAN returned to our screens on July 30, 2020. Big Hit Entertainment’s IP Team got behind these tiny adorable characters since their small debut last year and not only advanced the animation and design behind the characters but started a movement for people to follow their dreams, while not feeling alone. Thanks to ARMY’s, Twitter exploded with trends on TinyTAN and started following the TinyTAN official account before their first post.

With TinyTAN’s Twitter account, they debuted trailers of the BTS mini-characters with the “MIC DROP” concept. From the advanced animations on the hair, movements, and eye design, the IP Team definitely stepped up the animation game! Towards the middle of August, the design transition of the TinyTAN characters from their first small debut with “IDOL” to their “MIC DROP” concept design was amazing to see!

With TinyTAN’s official debut, on August 08, 2020, Big Hit Labels YouTube channel released the video, [TinyTAN l ANIMATION] – Magic Door. The hype around TinyTAN’s new video was based on the concept, “Magic Door” and TinyTAN having “cuteness to heal the word”. This animation features a woman baker who seems to run her own bakery. As she is about to start her day, incomes TinyTAN! The cute characters show up on her phone as the members called her. TinyTAN members started singing/rapping and dancing to “MIC DROP” until they enter into the woman’s bakery through her laptop at home. TinTAN members were helping her around the bakery, while still singing, dancing, and rapping to “MIC DROP” – SO CUTE!

At the end of the video, we can see the woman baker appreciating TinyTAN’s help and TinyTAN Jin even gives her a fist bump. This introductory video of TinyTAN helping someone just goes to show how much these characters resemble BTS’ mission to help, heal, and make people happy. From TinyTAN’s little movements, characters showing the BTS members personality so well, and showcasing TinyTAN’s new concept of the “Magic Door” is heartwarming. The IP Team at Big Hit has already stated more projects will come under way as these characters were in demand for content by ARMY’s since their small debut with “IDOL” for ‘BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS’ event.

TinyTAN Content

Here is some TinyTAN content that you should look into!

  • TinyTAN x DOWNY Collaboration

Yes, TinyTAN has collaborated with the laundry fabric softener brand, DOWNY. Take a look at Downy Korea’s Instagram page for more details!

  • WeVerse TinyTAN Merchandise

TinyTAN merchandise is now on sale on Big Hit Entertainment’s WeVerse Shop. From stationary, phone accessories, to even toothbrush sterilizers, WeVerse offers different cute items that ARMY’s can use on the daily! Please be aware at the time of this article, all USA items have been sold out, but the Global page for TinyTAN items are not all sold out.

  • Twitter Content

Stay in the loop for updates on TinyTAN by following their Twitter account! While there are promotions for TinyTAN merchandise and YouTube content, TinyTAN’s account also features some behind the scenes look at how TinyTAN was created. Let us appreciate the work that the IP Team and Big Hit have done with TinyTAN!


Will you keep following TinTAN and the meaning behind the Magic Door? Stay tuned!

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