To help you on your next journey to KOREA as a Student

Busy Student = Busy Life, but what if you’re abroad? Well, just because you are studying in whole new environment, doesn’t mean that you won’t have time to explore what world outside of your school. So, what does this mean? Well, here are some Travel, Tips, and Tricks for you to help you on your journey explore as a student in Korea.

1. Don’t be afraid to spend a weekend down south in Daegu or Busan

Traveling by yourself on your own is definitely terrifying, but taking that step is exhilarating. When you take the train down or public transportation, you can use that time to get all your work done for classes.

Check out my very own vlog about what it is like taking a weekend trip to Daegu!

2. Before planning a trip to explore, use YouTube videos, references, Instagrams, Kakao map and etc. to help plan your trip

Typically, writing down some major “must-go” places will help you take advantage of your trip to its full potential. It also helps with locating different areas of the city so you can work your way around without out going back and forth.

3. When traveling down south, don’t forget to bring cash with you

Some of the older restaurant or stores that have very unique products will be cash-based so have a bit of that is handy.

4. When you are traveling by yourself, always tell a friend back home that you are going to be there

This definitely helps, because they can check your location and check in with you to see how your travels are.

5. Try speaking in Korean at a restaurant or at a café

Even if you are nervous or shy, use apps such as that naver app Papago to translate. But don’t just show what you translated to the employee instead, try speaking it. This helps with increasing communication and feeling more comfortable with speaking.

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