Do you and your friends ever have some of the weirdest and most random conversations that end up going off on tangents? Or do you ever have those moments when you feel like you went into a conversation not needing advice, but actually end up learning a lesson? If so, then we have a treat for you!

Whether you are on your way to work, school, or just trying to pass time, listen to The Tablo Podcast!  Created through DIVE Studios, this podcast is hosted by none other than the guru, dad, writer, and rapper, Tablo from Epik High. For those of you who do not know Tablo, check out any of his social media pages! You will find very inspiring and entertaining content that will make you feel positive vibes! 

The Tablo Podcast lets his personality shine even more. The show brings people together, makes you question life, and will make you want to live! Episodes are based on Tablo sharing about his life and connecting with listeners by relatable experiences. He even brings up some heated topics and issues that are currently trending. Although some subjects may not seem relevant to each other at first, his episodes end up coming full circle through telling a life lesson, giving advice, or tying the topics all together!   

Another unique quality about this podcast is how he interacts with his guests! Not only are they amazingly entertaining to listen to, but Tablo does a great job of asking his guests meaningful and important questions on life and their work. Because he is Tablo, he will also ask or state some of life’s not-so-meaningful and important questions on life, their work, etc. The most entertaining interaction with a guest he has had on his show was his manager, Eddie Nam (Co-founder of DIVE Studios).  

What are some episodes that will get you hooked to listening to his podcast?

  • Haru Has The GREATEST Idea – Episode #8 Highlight

Haru is the name of Tablo’s nine-year-old daughter! Haru, who can be seen with her dad through The Return of Superman, is a very charismatic and creative young girl.  She says what is on her mind, and is pretty blunt about stating her thoughts and feelings on something. In this particular video, Tablo pieces together Haru’s mind process on choosing which superhero she wanted to be for a “Dress Day” at school. He also shares his thoughts on school and college from a dad and student perspective.  

  •  Tablo’s Hard Decision to Pursue Music – Episode #5 Highlight

Ever had to make a life decision that could change your life, but had trouble telling your parents about your decision? This particular episode goes over Tablo’s personal life and career hurdles to pursue music. He explores his decision-making process, reflecting in a way that does not make him regret anything. It is inspiring and relatable, so definitely give this a listen if you are going through a similar situation!

  • Tablo Ramyun: The Best Ramyun Recipe You’ll Ever Have *TESTED* – Episode #16 Highlight

Remember when we said Tablo will also ask some of life’s not-so-meaningful questions? Well, this video will explain that perfectly! If you have not tried ramyun, you will love it!

Want to be part of The Tablo Podcast Community?  Check out the Discord server for some funny and entertaining GIFs, comments, and conversation starters from Tablo himself!  

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