It is finally December, which means Christmas is around the corner! This year has been challenging for everyone around the world. However, music was able to keep everyone connected.

We have compile a holiday K-Pop playlist to listen throughout the month of December. Here are the top six Christmas K-pop songs!

Red Velvet – Wish Tree

‘Wish Tree’ is a song under SM Winter Garden album that came out back in 2015. Red Velvet sings a pop ballad with a Christmas melody. The lyrics show a sweet story of having three wishes to be with the person you love the most. The song is a perfect addition to your holiday playlist!

BTS – Crystal Snow

Although ‘Crystal Snow’ is not a Korean song, it is one of BTS’s best Christmas songs. The song comes from BTS eighth Japanese single album ‘Face Yourself.’ With its dreamy melody and powerful vocals, the song depicts two young lovers who meet each other on a snowy day.

Girls Generation- TTS – Dear Santa

Girls Generation sub-unit TTS are known for their powerful vocals and upbeat songs. ‘Dear Santa’ is the perfect example of showcasing the girl’s true talent. The title track ‘Dear Santa’ has elements of a ballad and R&B melodies combine with jazz sounds from their third EP.

Loona – The Carol

It’s not Christmas without listening to Loona ‘The Carol.’ The song comes from Haseul’s album. It features Loona members Heejin, Hyunjin, and Haseul. ‘The Carol’ is a soft pop ballad that portrays the feelings of excitement during Christmas day. The music video for ‘The Carol’ was filmed in London, and you can see the members having fun and excited to celebrate Christmas with each other!

Twice – Merry & Happy

From their Christmas-inspired album, the members of Twice released an upbeat pop song ‘Merry & Happy’ on December 11, 2017. The song is about the members having fun during Christmas time.

GOT7 – Confession Song

A personal favorite, “Confession Song,” is a cute soft upbeat song about confessing to the person you like on Christmas. The music video fits perfectly with the lyrics. GOT7 members go to a high school and help a few students to confess their feelings for each other.

Do you have a favorite K-Pop Christmas song? If so let us know down in the comments below.

Feature Image: JYP Entertainment

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