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Side Teams: 9 Sub-Units You Should Know

Music is all about experimentation and finding a sound. While some groups keep to a style or experiment as a

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9 Times Boy Groups Covered Female Artists

Here are just a few of the times male idols covered female idols with their own twist!

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K-Pop Songs with Traditional Influence

These K-pop songs prove that blending traditional Korean culture with modern elements creates a unique sound people of all ages can enjoy!

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K-Pop Songs of Winter 2019 for Your Holiday Playlist

Check out these K-pop songs that dropped in December to add to your holiday playlist!

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Study Korean without Studying Korean?

These YouTube channels contain simple daily Korean so you can have fun “studying” without literally sitting over books!

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Awesome K-Pop Choreography with Props

Check out a selection of cool K-pop choreo that uses props to stand out from the rest!

K-Beauty & Fashion

The Name’s Kwon, Munsoo Kwon. And His Weapon? MSKN2ND.

Designer Kwon Munsoo is no exception to Korea’s passion for fashion. But… who is Kwon Munsoo? Find out here!

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The Freshest K-Pop Comebacks of April!

Here’s a list of April’s K-pop comebacks to help you keep track of the who’s who of this month’s new music!

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K-Pop Videos Around the World

Many K-pop music videos are filmed in Korea, but check out some that were made in other parts of the world!

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K-Pop Artists Who Could Pass Off as Real Life Chefs

K-Pop idols have a lot to juggle in their current careers, but something that they all share is their undying