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Vegan Restaurants in Seoul You Should Check Out!

With more and more people demanding plant-based options, countless vegan restaurants are sprouting throughout Korea!


Latin Food for the Korean Seoul

We all know Korea is the best place to eat Korean food, but did you know they have some pretty tasty Latin treats, too? You do now!

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Into Itaewon

As one of the most bustling spots in Seoul, Itaewon is a multicultural area full of different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures; which means different foods!

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Being a Vegetarian in Korea: It’s Not So Difficult

A guide to locating suitable restaurants, cafes, and street markets that offer vegetarian-friendly options in Korea!


Hot Takes: Kimchi Fries

Check out this extraordinary and extremely mouthwatering twist on fries as you’ve known them!

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Environmentally-Friendly South Korea (And How You Can Help!)

South Korea is doing what they can to help the environment, but it has to come from every individual to actually make a difference!


Six Tasty Instant Ramens!

Ramen is a dish that has become popular across the globe, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day!


Korean Food, But Make it Vegan!

With some creativity and an open mind, it is surprisingly easy to adapt Korean dishes to be more sustainable!


Hot Takes: Everything Revolves Around Tteokbokki!

Our Hot Takes series takes a look at tteokbokki, the ultimate snack and comfort food! How many ways can you spice it up? Check ’em out here!


Not Your Common Kimbap

Did you know there are endless choices to kimbap to fit your tastes? Check out these different varieties before your next craving!