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2019 Wrap-Up: Big Hit’s Big Year

Big Hit Entertainment has certainly grown over the past decade from producing BTS’ first EP in a small room to selling record-breaking world tours!

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7 Popular Variety Shows of Korea

Here are some of the most popular variety shows in South Korea that you need to check out!


Mandu Mania!

Korean dumplings, or mandu, have remained a part of Korean cuisine since as far back as the Joseon Dynasty!


Appreciation for Seaweed!

Seaweed is a specific food that can take a variety of forms in Korean snacks and cuisine. It can be a delicious addition or main part of different dishes, of which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Through the variety of ways that seaweed can take, it manages to taste delicious in its own right; such as snacks, dishes, salads and more.


Milk Less? Try Milkis!

Milkis sounds a bit perplexing, but there’s no denying this Korean drink is popular! You might be asking, “Why milk and soda?” It’s the iconic duo.