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The Perfect Holiday Playlist: K-pop edition

It is finally December, which means Christmas is around the corner! This year has been challenging for everyone around the

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K-Pop Playlist to Beat the Summer Heat

July is almost is over, but that does not mean summer is. The summer heat can be unbearable, but with

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K-Pop Songs for When You’re Missing Your Friends

Let your friends know you miss them with this mini-playlist made for the both of you!

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9 Times Boy Groups Covered Female Artists

Here are just a few of the times male idols covered female idols with their own twist!

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The Wonderful World of Satoori!

Here are some of the most well-known dialects of Korea as well as the famous faces that use them!

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K-Pop Idols and Their Adorable F(u)riends

These K-pop idols come home to their adorable friends after a long day at work and heal their souls with their cuteness!

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6 K-Pop Choreos to Warm Your Heart!

This Valentine’s Day, all you need is the love from these idol groups!

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6 Viral K-Pop Trends of the Last Five Years

PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ paved the way for a vast array of K-pop trends that have taken over social media, and here are a few more that have taken off since then!

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Staff Pick: Cozy BTS Collabs

Check out this pair of cozy BTS items that can be found in our Daebak Shop, handpicked to showcase by our team!

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Learning Korean Slang through Instagram!

Test your knowledge of current Korean slang with these phrases brought to you from Instagram!