Puffed Up!

All countries have their specialty flavors, and today, we will be taking a look at South Korea’s puffy treats!


Snacks Perfect For Any Season

Take a look at some classic Korean snacks that are available all year round and taste amazing no matter the season!


Popular Foods as K-Snacks 2.0

With the abundance and popularity of Korean snacks out there, we had to bring back MORE popular foods as K-snacks to tempt your taste buds!

Food Hot Spots

PK Market is Opening in L.A., and Here’s My Grocery List

PK Market is coming to the United States! The South Korean grocer plans to open its first overseas location in L.A. by the end of 2019, which gives those of us based in California with a hankering for international flavors just enough time to solidify our grocery lists.


Get Cool like the High Schoolers: Best Backpack Snacks!

Snacking is something that happens throughout a high schoolers day: during class or breaks, after school, or while studying. Here’s a list of some of the high schoolers’ snack picks!


Spicy Snacks? What’s The Deal With Those Things?

When it comes to spicy Korean snacks, these few take it to a whole new level of flavor! …and pain.


Six Korean Snacks that Double as Souvenirs

Did you really travel if you didn’t return home with a bag full of souvenirs? Probably not. If you’re like