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Korean Lunar New Year Traditions

In Korea, February 12, 2021, marks the first day of Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year. The celebration typically lasts

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K-Pop Songs with Traditional Influence

These K-pop songs prove that blending traditional Korean culture with modern elements creates a unique sound people of all ages can enjoy!

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The Korean Folk Village

Taking you to a different time, the Korean Folk Village brings the late Joseon Period back to life!

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Not-So-Typical Korean Festivals

Korea gives learning about their customs a fun twist by putting on some not-so-typical festivals!


Mandu Mania!

Korean dumplings, or mandu, have remained a part of Korean cuisine since as far back as the Joseon Dynasty!

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How to Eat Like a Hwarang

Explore the meals portrayed in the popular K-drama Hwarang, so you can eat like one of them, too!


No Brand Is the Brand for You!

Did you know that E-Mart, one of South Korea’s biggest retailers, has a line of products called No Brand? Let’s look at how No Brand and name brand snacks compare!


Traditional Korean Snacks

Some traditional Korean snacks such as rice cakes and confectioneries are not only appetizing but have also played a significant part in Korean cuisine.

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Sanchon: Insadong’s Hidden Temple Food Restaurant

I went to one of Seoul’s famous Vegan-friendly restaurants in Insadong, and it is SO worth it. My favorite place

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Celebrating Chuseok with Traditional Foods

What comes to mind when we think of a Thanksgiving dinner? Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and lots of