Kimbap or 김밥? Let’s Pair it Up!

Kimbap is great on its own but can also be paired with other foods to create a tasty combination!


6 Korean Dishes to Welcome Seollal

Welcome the Korean New Year with these delicious dishes that will help attract health and good fortune!

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Traditions of Seollal

Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year, is one of the most important traditional national holidays in South Korea!

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Seollal: Behind the Festivity

It’s almost time to celebrate Seollal! Brush up on your knowledge of Korean traditions by looking at some important traditions practiced during this time.

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Back to School: Lunches in Korea

In school, lunch is an important time for students to interact with one another and eat. Let’s take a look at school lunch in Korea!


Fire Against Fire

Believe it or not, the practice of consuming Korean soups in the summer is just as common as in the winter!


Florally Fabulous Foods from Korea

Check out these desserts and drinks that include flowers in the making of the most wonderful Korean foods out there!


For All Your Cravings: Sweet and Bite-Sized Goodness

Traditional Korean confections, called hangwa, are more difficult to get outside of Korea but that doesn’t stop us—they can easily be made at home!