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Make-up Tips For Beginners

Make-up can be a bit intimidating but we have the perfect tips for anyone looking to start something new!

K-Beauty & Fashion K-Pop

K-Pop x K-Beauty!

When K-pop and K-beauty join forces and release collaborations, you can only imagine the excitement that ensues!

K-Beauty & Fashion K-Pop

K-Pop Idol Skincare Routine

This is how you can get one step closer to K-pop idol glass skin without breaking the bank!

Hot Spots Lifestyle & Culture

Shin-Okubo: South Korea in Tokyo

Shin Okubo is essentially South Korea in Japan, and is almost like Tokyo’s very own Myeongdong!

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Love Hot Noodles? Check Out the TonyMoly x Samyang Hot Noodle Collaboration

Want your makeup looks to be as fire as your spicy ramen? Check out this deliciously beautiful cosmetics collaboration!

K-Beauty & Fashion

Korean Beauty Products You Should Have in Your Bag

K-beauty doesn’t end with adding a pop of color to your daily appearance before leaving home! Here are some items you can take on the go!

K-Beauty & Fashion

More Than A Flower: Blossoming with Beauty

This spring, instead of admiring the beautiful pink petals of a cherry blossom, why not incorporate them into your beauty routine?


The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

Recap of the challenge that took the internet and where it is now!