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Lotte World: The World’s Biggest Indoor Theme Park

Lotte World is a place full of magic and charm that attracts visitors from around the globe!


Yongin-si: A City Full of Wonder and Excitement

The attractions that one can find in Yongin-si are what make it a city full of wonder and excitement!

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Yongma Land: The Abandoned Theme Park

For an abandoned theme park, Yongma Land is definitely worth a visit!

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Getting Proper with the Provinces

Traveling to Korea or maybe just curious? No matter the reason, here’s an introduction to each of the nine provinces of South Korea!

Lifestyle & Culture

Let’s Get Physical: Ways to Stay Fit in Korea

Though it’s easy to stay home indulging in Korean snacks, it’s important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Here are four popular exercise methods of Korea!

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Let’s Go to the Amusement Park!

Check out these three amusement parks found in Korea that would be great to add to your summer activities!

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Insta-worthy Attractions: The Best Places to Take Aesthetic Photos at Lotte World

Spice up your Instagram feed at Lotte World with these great spots for aesthetic pictures!

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LINE VILLAGE: The Digital Adventure

The world’s first LINE FRIENDS indoor digital theme park is located in Bangkok and stretches across three whole floors!

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Lotte World: A Haven Full of Food and Fun

You may recognize the name “Lotte” while eating your favorite snack foods and beverages. Some fan-favorite Lotte snacks are Choco