Food Hot Spots

Hidden Gems: Unique Cafes in Seoul

Seoul has many cafe options to choose from, but it also has plenty of hidden cafes that will leave you in utter awe and fascination!


El Salvador’s Kimchi: Curtido

Imagine a side dish that’s juicy, sour, and spicy. The smell can be overwhelming, but it gets your mouth watering.


A Trip to the Past. . . Next Stop, Ppopgi

Sugar, not spice, and most certainly everything nice. Ppopgi (뽑기) is the answer to satisfying your sweet tooth. This snack


Appreciation for Seaweed!

Seaweed is a specific food that can take a variety of forms in Korean snacks and cuisine. It can be a delicious addition or main part of different dishes, of which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Through the variety of ways that seaweed can take, it manages to taste delicious in its own right; such as snacks, dishes, salads and more.


I’m Not Squidding: A Snack Straight from the Sea

Ojingeo-chae (오징어채), as it’s called in Korean, might seem strange at first glance. Dried shredded squid ready for you to eat? Not a first-pick for many westerners but shredded squid was first popularized as a snack in Hong Kong during the 1970s.


5 Non-Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

Here at SnackFever, we want to bring to you the ultimate Korean snacks (and drinks) for you to try. Whether it’s a hot summer or a beautiful chilly day in November, you’re sure to love these five delicious drinks!