Hi There, Honey!

Honey has been often used in Korean cuisine, especially for making desserts and snacks!

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Have Your Cake and Watch It Too: Sweet Bakery-Themed K-Dramas

It’s no surprise that desserts have found their way into the storylines of popular Korean shows! Here are five K-dramas to satisfy your sweet tooth!


More Than Just an Ice Cream Bar

In South Korea, ice cream and popsicles aren’t just confined to their frozen state—they branch out into other snacks as well!


Gummy of My Eye!

Gummy bears, cola, and sharks! If we can dream it, we can turn it into a gummy! Or a “jelly,” as they say in Korea. These low calorie snacks are wildly popular, and have gained a following large enough to build a culture centered on these chewy, tasty treats.