Late Night Snacking: Korean Street Food Edition

Between late night activities and food, there is something in Korea for everyone!


6 Autumn Korean Street Snacks You Must Try

When the leaves start to fall, the food trucks in Korea change their menus to give people these beloved snacks!

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Festivals the College Way

The start of a new semester can seem like endless amounts of studying, but those attending any Korean university can look forward to the college festivals!

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Rest Stop Runs = Rest Stop Fun!

One HUGE part of the road trip experience in Korea is… rest stops!


Mouthwatering Street Food in Dongdaemun

Let’s explore the five most mouthwatering street foods offered in Dongdaemun!

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Food Tour with Mingyu of SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is known for his big appetite! Let’s check out some of the foods he’s shared with fans on social media through this food tour!


Egg Buns and Egg Puns 🥚

Have you ever tried the eggcellent egg bun, also known as gyeranppang?


Dishes for Red Bean Romantics

Have a craving for the taste of red bean? Here are a couple of Korean dishes that star the crimson-pigmented produce!


Move Aside, Hot Dog… Make Way for the Churro Dog!

With the rise of the Korean-style hot dog’s popularity, more shops are offering this unique hot dog preparation!


Food Fusions: Revamping Traditional Korean Dishes

Mix and match these Korean dishes with other cuisines to give you the perfect fusion delicacy!