Dishes for Red Bean Romantics

Have a craving for the taste of red bean? Here are a couple of Korean dishes that star the crimson-pigmented produce!

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Food for the Soul: Little Forest

If you’ve become a fan of food-based entertainment, like popular K-dramas such as Let’s Eat, you will enjoy Little Forest!


Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and many Korean convenience stores and fast food restaurants are offering limited release spring-themed items for the season!

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Drama in the Kitchen! Restaurant-Themed K-Dramas Served À La Carte

Restaurants and K-dramas: Like ingredients used to make a delicious dish, a mix of these two creates perfect harmony!

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Essential K-Dramas for the Food Lover in All of Us!

There’s nothing like staying in for the night with a good drama and some delicious Korean takeout! What’s even better is to watch a food-themed drama while eating!

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K-Pop Covers of Classic Christmas Songs

It’s finally December! You have likely begun decorating for the holidays, pulling out the tinsel, hanging the stockings and mistletoe, and wrapping gifts…


The Korean “Egg Roll”: Gyeran-mari

Tired of cereal every morning, and still need to get your daily dose of protein? Try the Korean side dish, gyeran-mari!


Turtle Chips: Layers of Flavour

Move over Honey Butter Chips, there’s a new chip in town. Say “hello” to Orion’s Turtle Chips. Okay, maybe that

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Eggbun! What Is It and Why You Should Be Using It to Learn Korean!

Ever wanted to learn Korean, but didn’t have any resources available to you? One app you could try is Eggbun!

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5 Korean Thrillers To Watch This Halloween.

It’s officially that time of the year! The air is cooler, the leaves are beginning to fall, and sweater weather