Surp-rice-ing Dishes!

Korea’s love for rice can be found in many dishes, but what are a couple of the most surprising ways rice can be found in Korean cuisine?


Korea Sandwiched!

With the increase of busy lifestyles and convenience stores, sandwiches have become a uniquely-flavored part of Korean cuisine!


Korean Home-Cooking On The Go: CJ Hetbahn Cupbahn

Want the taste of a Korean home-cooked meal, but a busy schedule is getting in the way? The South Korean food company based in Seoul, CJ CheilJedang (CJ제일제당) has the perfect solution for you with their line of Korean home-style instant meals!


Korean Dishes to Dash through the Holiday Season!

Figuring out what to serve can be hard, so we’ve crafted a list of some of our favorite Korean dishes that are great to serve for the holidays!

Entertainment Food K-Drama

Essential K-Dramas for the Food Lover in All of Us!

There’s nothing like staying in for the night with a good drama and some delicious Korean takeout! What’s even better is to watch a food-themed drama while eating!


The Korean “Egg Roll”: Gyeran-mari

Tired of cereal every morning, and still need to get your daily dose of protein? Try the Korean side dish, gyeran-mari!


Korea’s National Dish: Kimchi

Kimchi (김치), the national dish of South Korea, is a name almost synonymous in the country with eating a meal.