5 Korean Snacks to Warm You Up This Winter

Do you know what would make the winter K-drama binge-watching even better? SNACKS!


A Jolly Good Snack: Jolly Pong

Whether it’s a snack or cereal, Jolly Pong can be enjoyed in various ways!

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Essential Phrases to Know When Dining Out in Korea

Dining out in Korea can be a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the language!


Hi There, Honey!

Honey has been often used in Korean cuisine, especially for making desserts and snacks!


Korean Cookies and Biscuits 🍪

What’s your preferred cookie? Small, chocolate-filled, and crunchy? Or maybe a generously-sized biscuit perfect for dipping in tea?


Egg Buns and Egg Puns 🥚

Have you ever tried the eggcellent egg bun, also known as gyeranppang?

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Food Tour with Hyolyn 🦀

Join singer Hyolyn on her journey through the many foods she has eaten on her trips around the world!


Samyang: More than Spicy Noodles

Noodle lovers know about Samyang’s popular instant noodles, but Samyang has other snacks and treats besides ramen!


Blooming Cakes at Creamfields

Creamfields Cakes is well-known for their gorgeous layer cakes, cookies, lollies, and lattes! Which of these colorful creations would you try?

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Environmentally-Friendly South Korea (And How You Can Help!)

South Korea is doing what they can to help the environment, but it has to come from every individual to actually make a difference!