Anyone Up for Some Blood Sausage?

Ever heard of blood sausage? If not, that’s totally all right! It’s not as bad as it sounds!


Spring into Spring with these Limited Release Korean Snacks!

These spring-themed Korean snacks won’t be around all year, and don’t forget to grab your camera because you’ll want to snap shots for Instagram, too!

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K-Pop Covers that Will Make You Say WOW: DAY6 Covers, Part 3

DAY6 has developed their own style that is unique in the world of K-pop, and shows appreciation for their peers by performing covers of other K-pop songs!


Korea Sandwiched!

With the increase of busy lifestyles and convenience stores, sandwiches have become a uniquely-flavored part of Korean cuisine!

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DANCE DANCE Around the World: DAY6 Covers, Part 2

Check out one or a few of DAY6’s many covers of pop hits from around the world!

Food Lifestyle & Culture

Dining Customs When Eating Out in Korea!

Korean dining customs are an essential part of what can be seen when eating at restaurants. Here’s a list of things you can expect!

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Remember the Classics: DAY6 Covers, Part 1

K-rockers DAY6 showcase their love for retro music through covers of classic songs. Here are just a few to check out!

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Drama in the Kitchen! Restaurant-Themed K-Dramas Served À La Carte

Restaurants and K-dramas: Like ingredients used to make a delicious dish, a mix of these two creates perfect harmony!

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25 Fun Facts About Korea!

Learning about a new country can be exciting, especially if you’re learning some fun and interesting facts along the way!


Korean Home-Cooking On The Go: CJ Hetbahn Cupbahn

Want the taste of a Korean home-cooked meal, but a busy schedule is getting in the way? The South Korean food company based in Seoul, CJ CheilJedang (CJ제일제당) has the perfect solution for you with their line of Korean home-style instant meals!