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Essential Phrases to Know When Dining Out in Korea

Dining out in Korea can be a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the language!


Egg Buns and Egg Puns 🥚

Have you ever tried the eggcellent egg bun, also known as gyeranppang?

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Food Tour with Hyolyn 🦀

Join singer Hyolyn on her journey through the many foods she has eaten on her trips around the world!


Six Tasty Instant Ramens!

Ramen is a dish that has become popular across the globe, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

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Have Your Cake and Watch It Too: Sweet Bakery-Themed K-Dramas

It’s no surprise that desserts have found their way into the storylines of popular Korean shows! Here are five K-dramas to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Anyone Up for Some Blood Sausage?

Ever heard of blood sausage? If not, that’s totally all right! It’s not as bad as it sounds!

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10 Must-Listen K-Pop Collabs with International Artists

Through K-pop and international collaboration, we have been gifted quite a few magical songs! Here are ten collabs to add to your playlist!


Have Pancakes Anytime with Hotteok!

Hotteok is more than an average breakfast pancake, and in Korea, they’re eaten any time of the day!

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K-Pop Lyrics that Stick Like Glue

Everyone has those song lyrics that just stick with you. Here are our favorite lyrics in K-pop! What are yours?

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13 Underrated Songs in K-Music to Add to Your Playlist Today! 🎶

Listen to our favourite K-pop songs that we deem both cool and underrated! Check out our picks and let us know yours!