Seaweed Six Ways

Consuming a sea vegetable like seaweed may not be your first choice; however, this is a very common ingredient for many Korean dishes!

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Sea These Top Seafood Snacks!

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How to Eat Like a Hwarang

Explore the meals portrayed in the popular K-drama Hwarang, so you can eat like one of them, too!

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Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

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Enough Bulgogi, Try Mulgogi!

Mulgogi? You might be asking what that is. It’s Korean for fish! What do you think of when it comes to seafood snacks?

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Appreciation for Seaweed!

Seaweed is a specific food that can take a variety of forms in Korean snacks and cuisine. It can be a delicious addition or main part of different dishes, of which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Through the variety of ways that seaweed can take, it manages to taste delicious in its own right; such as snacks, dishes, salads and more.


Popular Foods as K-Snacks

We’ve all been there – those hectic days where you get home exhausted and have a taste for a certain