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How To Achieve K-Pop Idol Hair

K-pop is often known for its amazing vocals, synchronized dancing, flawless visuals and brightly colored hair!

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To All the Groups I’ve Loved Before

The Post-Disbandment Sadness is real. If you have veteran status as a K-pop fan, you have seen the rise and untimely fall of many talented influential artists, groups, and duos. As a newbie, you have likely heard of these artists but have never really listened to them, and are wondering what the hype is all about.

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What Snack You Should Enjoy Based on Your Favorite 2018 Comeback!

From rising industry vets, like SHINee, GOT7, and Red Velvet, to stand-out rookies like Stray Kids, Dreamcatcher, and (G)I-DLE–too many groups to name released bops that continue to crowd my go-to playlist to this day.

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K-Pop Dance Practice Videos and the Choco Pie Flavors That Match Their Vibe

Whether it’s the casual clothes, the shenanigans, or the one-take format, K-pop dance practice videos are a guilty pleasure—tied for first with Choco Pies, that is!

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K-Pop Music Videos That are Good Enough to Eat

Every so often a K-Pop group will make a comeback or debut that makes viewers head straight for their kitchens