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BTS Fires Up Billboard Hot #100 + More “Dynamite” Content

BTS HAS DONE IT AGAIN! After their “Dynamite” music video broke the record for most viewed video in 24 hours

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YouTube Reaction Evolution: WhatchaGot2Say

Do you ever find yourself getting recommendations from YouTube to watch reaction videos? Do you find yourself binge-watching a particular

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YouTube Reaction Evolution: RT TV

Have you gotten a friend into the K-pop scene or have you ever felt the excitement of watching others evolve

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Dancers React To K-Pop Videos!

Dancing is a form of expression loved across many cultures. Ballet dancers, hip-hop dancers, and the like take the time to watch K-Pop videos and give their honest opinions. We couldn’t keep their excitement and surprise to ourselves!

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Every Time “REACT” Reacted to K-Pop

YouTube. The home for a K-Pop stan. Many of us international fans were first introduced to K-pop through YouTube– specifically