Hot Takes: Korean Fried Chicken

Everyone has heard of it, the famous crispy deliciousness that is Korean fried chicken!


Hot Takes: Fast, Faster, Ramyeon!

All of us have added a hard-boiled egg or some veggies to our ramen, but let’s take it up another notch: Korean Style!


Korean 7-Eleven: The Food Haven

Korea’s 7-Eleven is a hotspot for anyone craving any type of unique snack that will send their taste buds into overdrive!

Food K-Drama

Ramyeon in Dramas

Take a look at how ramen is upgraded in K-dramas, like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Coffee Prince!

Hot Spots Lifestyle & Culture

Korea’s 7-Eleven Treasures

If you ever find yourself in South Korea and see a local 7-Eleven, it is a must to stop by and explore!

Lifestyle & Culture

Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

When you take your trip to Korea and get those late night cravings, here’s a small idea of what to expect in your local convenience store!


Meals in Minutes!

Did you know that there’s a large variety of Korean instant meals? Here are just a couple of instant meals that could satisfy your hunger in minutes!

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Ramyun: An Introduction and History of Korea’s Favorite Noodle

If you are from another country or are visiting Korea you might think that Koreans have been eating ramyun (sometimes spelled ramyeon) noodles