Korean Flavors of Popular Chip Brands

In Korea, there are so many snack brands and unique flavors that it will most likely make your head spin!

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Food Tour with GOT7

iGOT7, this one is for you! Come take a look at how you can eat like your biases and bias wreckers!


No Brand Is the Brand for You!

Did you know that E-Mart, one of South Korea’s biggest retailers, has a line of products called No Brand? Let’s look at how No Brand and name brand snacks compare!


Pink, Pink, and Even MORE Pink Valentine’s Day Snacks

Our favorite pink-packaged Korean snacks to round out the cutest holiday ever: Valentine’s Day!


Korean Snacks No One Asked For

Even Korea has a few snacks so unusual that you just might ask, “Who thought that was a good idea?”


Korean Snacks For The Wary Tongue

Trying new things can be scary, but these five Korean snacks are the perfect stepping stones to getting your tastebuds to try something new!


Pringles Have Taken Flavor To a New Level in Korea

Pringles are a popular brand of chips around the world. In Korea, this tasty snack has made an evolution of sorts when it comes to flavors, and some might make your head turn!

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What Korean Snacks You Should Try Based On Your Astrological Sign

It’s midnight. You’re standing in front of your kitchen pantry, or maybe amidst the rows of snacks at your local