Korean Flavors of Popular Chip Brands

In Korea, there are so many snack brands and unique flavors that it will most likely make your head spin!

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Global South Korea: Paris

There are many hidden gems around Paris linked to Korea!


Korean 7-Eleven: The Food Haven

Korea’s 7-Eleven is a hotspot for anyone craving any type of unique snack that will send their taste buds into overdrive!


Hype for Hybrids

In Korea, hybrid fruits and vegetables have grown immensely in popularity, becoming a staple of Korean culture!

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Let’s Get Physical: Ways to Stay Fit in Korea

Though it’s easy to stay home indulging in Korean snacks, it’s important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Here are four popular exercise methods of Korea!

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What is Paris Baguette?

Walk around a neighbourhood in Korea, and you might notice there is a Paris Baguette on almost every street!

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Global South Korea: Gran Canaria

Hallyu has become so global, it has even arrived in a small Spanish island called Gran Canaria!


8 Healthy Korean Snacks to Help You Get through Your Diet

How can you stop yourself from eating so many delicious Korean snacks when they are so easily available? Well, you don’t—at least not all of them.


Popular Hot and Cold Dishes for the Summer

There are many delectable foods one can try during the summer. Under the hot rays of the sun, you may