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CIX is back with their new EP “Hello Chapter 0: Hello Strange Dream”

The rising K-pop boy group CIX made their awaited comeback with their new EP “Hello Chapter 0: Hello Strange Dream.”

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It’s Time to “BE” with BTS

It’s Time to “BE” with BTS On November 20th, 2020 at  2pm KST….This is ARMYs have been waiting for! They

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Fall K-Pop Playlist: R&B Edition

Summer is over, but it is time to chill and enjoy the autumn breeze. We have compiled the perfect fall

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Shinee’s Taemin Is Back With His Captivating Comeback “Criminal”

The iconic K-pop star, Taemin, came back with his 3rd album, “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1” on Sep. 7th,

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BoA Celebrates Her 20th Aniversary

At the age of 13-years-old, BoA released her first album, Peace B, on August 25th, 2000. Fast forward to 2020;

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Light Up My World: Gorgeous K-Pop Lightsticks

One musthave item when you’re seeing your favorite K-pop artists live is, of course, their lightstick! Here is a short list of a few of the prettiest lightsticks out there!

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K-Pop Playlist for a Spring State of Mind

Need a little booster for spring? Let these songs get you in the perfect mood!

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Get the Party Started with This Girl Group Playlist!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a party or two. Dancing around, laughing loudly, being goofy, it’s all good fun. But

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K-Pop Songs for When You’re Missing Your Friends

Let your friends know you miss them with this mini-playlist made for the both of you!

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Oh, The Duality! A Look at Double-Concept Groups in K-Pop

Did you know that there are K-pop groups that interweave duality into their music and the overall concept? Here are some of them!