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Discover: K-Pop English Crossovers

Hi Daebak Fam! I am an American who is not fluent in Korean. My friends know that I LOVE K-pop

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The Wonderful World of Satoori!

Here are some of the most well-known dialects of Korea as well as the famous faces that use them!

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MONSTA X Brings the ‘Luv’ for Valentine’s Day

Why spend the Valentine’s Day alone when you could spend it with MONSTA X and their new album ‘All About Luv’?

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Out of This World K-Pop Songs

If you fancy the concept of outer space, these stellar songs are sure to satisfy you!

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Korean Mukbangers You Need to Follow!

These five Korean mukbangers are sure to leave your mouth watering after each video!

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K-Pop x K-Beauty!

When K-pop and K-beauty join forces and release collaborations, you can only imagine the excitement that ensues!

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INTERVIEW: Kevin Woo Talks K-Pop, K-Snacks, and Asian-American Representation

We caught up with Kevin Woo to talk about his schedule of events, Asian-American representation in media and pop, and more!

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MONSTA X Leads through Love with Mini Album ‘Follow-Find You’

MONSTA X takes us on a ride of emotions from start to finish in their latest mini album, Follow-Find You!

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Halloween K-pop Playlist Just for Thrills!

Let’s get this party started with a Halloween-themed K-pop playlist!

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Idol House of Horrors

When Halloween comes creeping in, fear and hilarity ensue! Check out these Korean idols getting a first-hand look at spooky scares!