Eat Your Aesthetic: Purple Edition

Foods that come in a purple shade have strong flavor packages, such as lavender, red onion, and red grapes!

K-Pop Lifestyle & Culture

Starbucks Korea and BTS Turn Up the Shine for the ‘Be the Brightest Stars’ Campaign

On January 21, Starbucks Korea and BTS launched their collaboration campaign, “Be the Brightest Stars,” which runs until February 6!


Bread, Butter, and More: Ang Butter!

Bread and butter is more than just an idiom in Korea: Ang butter bread is a savory treat available in many forms!

Food Hot Spots

The Sweet Art of Ardechois

From marble tabletops, a macaron tower, cute jars and flowers to tasty, colorful, realistic dessert designs and refreshing drinks—Ardechois has them all!


Pepero Transformations that Change the Way We Snack

On 11/11, lovers exchanged boxes of these tasty snacks as a symbol of romance, and if you’ve been following along