Feeling It: Korean Snacks for All Your Moods!

Food can make you feel all types of things, and can really complete a moment!


One in a Melon

Whether it’s in its raw form or in a snack, melons are a great way to feel refreshed!


Chilling with Chilsung Cider

Chilsung Cider is called the “Sprite of Korea,” a lemon-lime-flavored carbonated soft drink that is quite refreshing!


Exploring the Fast Food Restaurants of Korea

Some of Korea’s most popular fast food restaurants are waiting at your service! Let’s dive in and discover just a few of them!

Food K-Pop

Korean Snacks to Treasure with ATEEZ

ATEEZ burst onto the scene with a distinct sound and a concept on all their own; so which Korean snack would they be?


Gummy Gummy Fruits!

The delicious fruity flavors and inevitable sugar rush… here’s a first-taste look at some favorite Korean gummies!

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Places K-Pop Fans NEED to Visit When in Korea!

Exploring Korea can be a difficult and daunting task if you’ve never been before. Trying to fit in all of


Five Snacks to Get Us through Comeback Season

Sometimes it feels like every single K-pop group is coming back at the same time, so here are a few Korean snacks that will get you through this crazy comeback season in one well-fed piece!

Entertainment Film / TV

Four Holiday Commercials from Korea that will Melt Your Heart

When we think of Christmas, we think of bright colors, magnificent displays, and wonderful music. Around the holidays, where can


Alligator… What? Alligator Chips!

This alligator chip snack, also known as 아! 그칩 (Ah! Geu Chip), is the kind of snack that you just can’t put down or save for later.