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Food Tour with Hyolyn 🦀

Join singer Hyolyn on her journey through the many foods she has eaten on her trips around the world!


Got Dough?: Sweet and Savory Korean Breads

With the multitude of street vendors and bakeries in Korea, be sure to try one of these popular breaded snacks!


Fish Bread, but with Ice Cream!

A twist on the standard ice cream sandwich, Korea introduces many to the appetizing Samanco ice cream!

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Korean Snacks for Your Korean Dramas

Since we know you’ll be binging K-dramas all summer, here’s some snacks to enjoy while you do!

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Korea’s 7-Eleven Treasures

If you ever find yourself in South Korea and see a local 7-Eleven, it is a must to stop by and explore!


You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried This: Banana Kicks

In a world full of spicy-peppery shrimp crackers, be a sweet, fresh, opulent Banana Kick!

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Koreans React To Foreign Snacks

There’s nothing quite like experiencing food you’ve never had before. Sometimes it turns out to be the next best thing,


Spicy Snacks? What’s The Deal With Those Things?

When it comes to spicy Korean snacks, these few take it to a whole new level of flavor! …and pain.