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How to Get a Rich Guy in 16 Episodes

Korean dramas always set our expectations high. It also typically tells a very cliche story that we register as something

K-Beauty & Fashion

K-Fashion Alert: Layering

K-fashion includes a range of different styles, but one trend that seems to be consistent in all realms of K-fashion


Taco ‘Bout Korean Tacos

Korean tacos. Just hearing the words makes your mouth water! Korean tacos are a Korean-Mexican fusion dish popular especially in

Lifestyle & Culture

The Wonderful World of Satoori!

Here are some of the most well-known dialects of Korea as well as the famous faces that use them!

Entertainment K-Pop Music

The Comeback of B.E.G.: Your Original Girl Crush Unnies

One of the many groups that recovered from the long hiatus and made a comeback was Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G.)!

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Learning Korean Slang through Instagram!

Test your knowledge of current Korean slang with these phrases brought to you from Instagram!

Lifestyle & Culture

An Introduction to Korean Minimalism

Embrace the minimalist lifestyle without saying goodbye to your belongings!

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5 Understated K-Pop Groups that Will Blow Your Mind

With new K-pop groups debuting every month, catching up can seem never-ending, so here’s a list of groups to know!

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Seollal: Behind the Festivity

It’s almost time to celebrate Seollal! Brush up on your knowledge of Korean traditions by looking at some important traditions practiced during this time.


Bread, Butter, and More: Ang Butter!

Bread and butter is more than just an idiom in Korea: Ang butter bread is a savory treat available in many forms!