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The Power of Television Shows Being Remade in Korea and America

Thanks to streaming services, the availability of watching Korean programming has allowed TV to become a big part of the Hallyu Wave!

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Tiny Stomachs, Big Appetites

The Return of Superman has been charming its audience since 2013 with adorable interactions!

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K-Drama OSTs for Your Cafe Adventures

Let’s relive our favorite K-dramas through their OSTs while exploring some unique Korean cafes!

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American Remakes of Popular Korean TV Shows

K-dramas continue to inspire not only us, but even the American entertainment industry, resulting in the remake of several of the most popular Korean shows in recent years!

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Reasons Why You’ll Love ‘Chef and My Fridge’

Have you ever wondered what your fave K-celebs have in their fridge? If so, then Chef and My Fridge is for you!

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Golden Tambourine: A Peek into an Exciting Karaoke Party

In 2016, Mnet turned the noraebang concept into an exciting comedic singing competition show called Golden Tambourine!