Korean Breakfast On The Go!

Here are a few Korean breakfast bites for those who just need something quick and easy to take on the go!


Ramyeon-Ddang Makes a Saucy Entrance to the Snacking World

Taking inspiration from the popular snack Ppushu Ppushu, ramyeon-ddang takes dry ramyeon snacking to a new level!

Food Hot Spots

The Sweet Art of Ardechois

From marble tabletops, a macaron tower, cute jars and flowers to tasty, colorful, realistic dessert designs and refreshing drinks—Ardechois has them all!


Food Review: Samyang’s Buldak Tteokbokki

Thinking about trying Samyang’s Buldak Tteokbokki? Check out this review to help you decide!


Bokkeum: The Best Stir-Fry Around

Some of Korea’s most popular dishes happen to fall under the bokkeum category, such as kimchi fried rice, tteokbokki, japchae, dakgalbi!


Hot Takes: Everything Revolves Around Tteokbokki!

Our Hot Takes series takes a look at tteokbokki, the ultimate snack and comfort food! How many ways can you spice it up? Check ’em out here!


Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and many Korean convenience stores and fast food restaurants are offering limited release spring-themed items for the season!


Spring into Spring with these Limited Release Korean Snacks!

These spring-themed Korean snacks won’t be around all year, and don’t forget to grab your camera because you’ll want to snap shots for Instagram, too!

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Korean Theater Combos that Make Going to the Movies Worth It

These theater snack combos in Korea will make a trip to the movies worth your while!


Pink, Pink, and Even MORE Pink Valentine’s Day Snacks

Our favorite pink-packaged Korean snacks to round out the cutest holiday ever: Valentine’s Day!