Korean 7-Eleven: The Food Haven

Korea’s 7-Eleven is a hotspot for anyone craving any type of unique snack that will send their taste buds into overdrive!


Ramen for the Sensitive Tongue

If you’re looking for a Korean ramen but just don’t want the burn, here are a few types for you to try!

Food K-Drama

Ramyeon in Dramas

Take a look at how ramen is upgraded in K-dramas, like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Coffee Prince!

Lifestyle & Culture

Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

When you take your trip to Korea and get those late night cravings, here’s a small idea of what to expect in your local convenience store!


Snack Hacks: South Korean Ramen Upgrades!

Everyone knows a bit of egg or ham takes a little ramen a long way, but do you know about these other ways to level up your Korean ramen game?


A Spotlight on Korean Snacks that Made their 2018 Debut!

2018 brought the release of many delicious and unique Korean snacks, and here are just a few!


Ramen is a Necessity! Our Best Ever Ramen Unveiled

Ramen is a must-have, and we’ve made the hunt for good ramen even easier with the Best Ever Ramen Bundle, featuring eight selections that will satisfy those late night cravings, one of which is a secret!

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The Adaptation of Korean Cuisine

Delicious and diverse Korean cuisine is known for being inspired by many places, and over the years, has developed its own uniqueness. Multiple dishes, like jajangmyeon, corn dogs, ramen, mandu, and carbonara have gained popularity for how they have been adapted.