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Food Tour with SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN has not only made themselves popular in the music world, but have also shared their interest in all things food!

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Must-Have Foods for a Korean Picnic

Picnics in Korea are the epitome of summer! Check out these must-have foods for the ultimate Korean picnic experience.


From Starters to Dessert: Korean Dishes Throughout the Day

The variety of side dishes and meals Korea surprises us with can be mixed and matched to get a customized cuisine like no other!

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The Way to a Healthy Trip: Hiking in South Korea

Want to experience something good for your body, soul, and pleasing to the eye? Look no further, because hiking in Korea is all you need to fulfill your healthy trip dreams!

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Classic Korean Convenience Store Findings

When you take your trip to Korea and get those late night cravings, here’s a small idea of what to expect in your local convenience store!


Not Your Common Kimbap

Did you know there are endless choices to kimbap to fit your tastes? Check out these different varieties before your next craving!


5 K-Snacks to Improve Brain Function

Check out these 5 Korean snacks that could help boost your brain on those foggy days!

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Eat Like a K-Drama Character!

Korean drama characters often divulge in an array of delicious foods. Join the fun and try your own K-drama delicacies!


Favourite Snacks – Interns Edition

The interns at SnackFever have picked their favourite Korean snacks! Read to find out which ones they love the most.


The Convenience of Gimbap

Gimbap is a seaweed rice roll, a Korean dish that is made from cooked rice and other ingredients of choice