Food Hot Spots

Get Your Brunch on at BimBom!

BimBom Cafe is a great place to get your fill of brunch atmosphere in Korea!

Food Hot Spots

A Morning in the Flora of Summer Lane Cafe

A large spot to visit for tourist and natives alike, Summer Lane provides a unique flavor for foreigners.

Food Hot Spots

Vegan Restaurants in Seoul You Should Check Out!

With more and more people demanding plant-based options, countless vegan restaurants are sprouting throughout Korea!

Food Hot Spots

5 Perfect Korean Cafes for Children

South Korea has an abundance of cafes that can accommodate both the parent and child!

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A Trip to Hannam-Dong with Baekhyun and NCT

Let’s take a look at UN Village, and some of the eccentricities the Hannam-dong neighborhood has to offer!

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Into Itaewon

As one of the most bustling spots in Seoul, Itaewon is a multicultural area full of different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures; which means different foods!

Food Hot Spots

Celebrity-Owned Cafes and Restaurants

Having a chance to see our faves outside of the screen can be a bit difficult, so why not go and enjoy a little piece of them through their restaurants?

Food Hot Spots

Creamy Creations at C. Through Café

For those looking for the artsy coffee shop aesthetic, C. Through Cafe is just the place!

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Hidden Gems of Korea: Bookstore Edition 📖

For all you book lovers out there looking for a place to escape, bookstores might just do the trick!

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Korea’s Halloween Haunts

Over the years, Halloween has been growing in popularity in South Korea. While it’s not quite as widespread as in