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Global South Korea: Los Angeles

As L.A. is home to one of the biggest K-towns in the U.S., here’s a guide to some Korean culture you might like to check out in the City of Angels!

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Learn about Korean History through K-Dramas!

If you’re looking for ways to better understand Korea, here are some K-dramas that will teach you a little about Korean history!

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Explore the Lights in Gwangmyeong Cave

Often called a “must-visit,” Gwangmyeong Cave has been a popular attraction for many visitors for almost a decade!

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10 Korean Movies You Must Watch

Here are 10 amazing Korean films you cannot miss!

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Korean Calligraphy: More Than an Artform

If you had a chance to have Korean calligraphy lessons, would you take it?


Precious World Heritage Sites in South Korea

Impressive cultural monuments and nature brings many tourists and locals to explore Korea on a deeper level!

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Three Weekend Getaways in South Korea

2 Days & 1 Night is not only a popular Korean reality show but a common travel style in Korea! Here are a few ideas for domestic and cheap travel ideas in South Korea.

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Spend a Day with a K-Pop Star: 24 Hours with IU

Ever wonder what your life would be like if a K-pop idol wrote your soundtrack? Here’s a day in the life conducted by the talented IU!

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How to Eat Like a Hwarang

Explore the meals portrayed in the popular K-drama Hwarang, so you can eat like one of them, too!

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5 Historical Landmarks You Must Visit in Korea

What better way to learn about a country, than through its history, discovering and learning all the fascinating facts about