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A Brief History of South Korean Cinema

South Korean Cinema has changed throughout the decades. With the rise of Hallyu, South Korean cinema has gained more international

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10 Korean Movies You Must Watch

Here are 10 amazing Korean films you cannot miss!

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Muju Firefly Festival

South Korea has its fair share of festivals, but one of the most stunning is the Muju Firefly Festival!

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Global South Korea: London

Who knew? London has many events, places, and links to South Korea! If you’re lucky to live there or will be visiting in the future, take a look at all these activities!

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Korean Beauty Vloggers to Follow

Korean beauty products have sky-rocketed in popularity around the world! Check out these YouTubers aiding in the popularity of K-beauty.

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Global South Korea: Gran Canaria

Hallyu has become so global, it has even arrived in a small Spanish island called Gran Canaria!

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The Hallyu Wave & the Influence of Social Media

Social media interactions gain attention, which helps to expand the Korean Wave’s reach in countries that would otherwise not hear about it!

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The Hallyu Wave: What Is It Exactly?

When talking about Korean culture in media, the most commonly used word to describe this cultural expansion is the “Korean Wave,” also called the Hallyu Wave!

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Places K-Pop Fans NEED to Visit When in Korea!

Exploring Korea can be a difficult and daunting task if you’ve never been before. Trying to fit in all of

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The Busan One Asia Festival: What You Need to Know!

The Busan One Asia Festival, the centre of all Hallyu trends, was first held back in 2016 to bring locals