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Boo! 5 Killer K-Dramas to Binge this Halloween Season

For a safe night in with lots of candy and popcorn, we’ve compiled a list of some of the spookiest K-dramas!

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Halloween K-pop Playlist Just for Thrills!

Let’s get this party started with a Halloween-themed K-pop playlist!


5 Halloween Party Twists on Korean Snacks

In the spirit of scare season, here are some Korean snacks with a Halloween twist!

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5 Spooky Korean Superstitions to Avoid this Halloween

If you want to know how to survive the month of October, here are some spooky Korean superstitions to avoid during Halloween!

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Idol House of Horrors

When Halloween comes creeping in, fear and hilarity ensue! Check out these Korean idols getting a first-hand look at spooky scares!


Ghost Towns of South Korea

From hospitals to amusement parks, there are plenty of places in Korea to send chills down your spine and feed your horror needs!

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Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour

If you want to learn some gruesome history, the Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour covers murder, ghosts, and scandals from the past 600 years!

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Yeongdeok Ghost House: A Visit You Will Never Forget

Yeongdeok Ghost House isn’t a full day adventure, but it’s spooky enough to give you a nerve-wracking feeling!

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Beware… You’re in for a Scare! Korean Urban Legends That’ll Give You Goosebumps

Here are some of our favorite urban legends from Korea that may leave you feeling a bit uneasy…

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6 Spooky Must-Have Songs for your K-Pop Halloween Playlist

Halloween is upon us again and with the holiday comes an excuse to have a great time; what’s better than