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The Perfect Holiday Playlist: K-pop edition

It is finally December, which means Christmas is around the corner! This year has been challenging for everyone around the

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GOT7’s New Self-Produced Full-Length Album, “Breath of Love: Last Piece”, is Finally Released!

“Breath” – After a long hiatus, GOT7 came out with their first title track as a pre-release single, and it

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Sports in South Korea, Pt. 3 – Sports & K-Pop

Sports and K-Pop have a pretty profound relationship. From K-Pop fans wanting to learn more about their favorite idols and

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Side Teams: 9 Sub-Units You Should Know

Music is all about experimentation and finding a sound. While some groups keep to a style or experiment as a

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Oppang: Welcome to the K-Pop Life

Spotlight on North Carolina’s first official K-pop store, Oppang!


YouTube Channel ‘Studio Choom’ Brings Dance Performances to a New Level!

While there are many other YouTube channels that provide videos of idols performing their choreography, the uniqueness of STUDIO CHOOM stands out!

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9 Times Boy Groups Covered Female Artists

Here are just a few of the times male idols covered female idols with their own twist!

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6 K-Pop Choreos to Warm Your Heart!

This Valentine’s Day, all you need is the love from these idol groups!

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K-Pop Love Songs to Jam Out to this Valentine’s Day

A list of K-pop songs to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day playlist!

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Korean Beauty 101: Best-Selling Brands

Don’t fret, we have the perfect beginner’s guide to K-beauty for those in need!