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Breaking Barriers: K-Idol Girls Edition

No matter what part of the world people may live in, they can never run away from the different standards

Entertainment K-Pop

Podcast 101: The K-Pop Daebak Show! with Eric Nam

Looking for a new series? Hop into podcasts with Eric Nam’s show!

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Halloween K-pop Playlist Just for Thrills!

Let’s get this party started with a Halloween-themed K-pop playlist!

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K-Pop Gives Back

With all of the love that K-pop artists receive from fans around the world, they try to give the same amount of love back!

Entertainment K-Pop

All of the Pop, None of the K: K-Pop Artists Venturing Abroad

Each year, it becomes less and less surprising to see K-pop acts on American TV. Check out some K-pop artists who are venturing abroad into Western music world!

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K-Pop Playlist For Your Next Flight

Many K-pop artists have songs about exploring the world, and we’ve compiled some for the perfect soundtrack as you soar through the sky!

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Summertime Swing: K-pop Groups as Ade 🥤

Summer heat got you missing a beat? Worry not! Here’s a list of K-pop groups to listen to depending on what ade you like to drink!

K-Drama K-Pop Lifestyle & Culture

The Many K-Pop and K-Drama Museums of Korea

To the excitement of many K-entertainment fans, Korea is home to many exhibitions and museums dedicated to K-pop and K-dramas!

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K-Pop Songs as Iced Coffees

Get ready to create a new Spotify playlist, here is a list of K-pop songs if they were brewed into iced coffees!

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Lessons Learned from Queens of K-Music

Often women in stardom are made to shine behind the shadows of their male counterparts, but these ladies in K-pop owned their strength and refused to give up!