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5 Colorful Tattoo Artists to Check Out In South Korea

If you plan to get a new tattoo while visiting Korea, here are some artists that are worth checking out!

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Food Tour with Hwang Jung-Eum

The Undateables’ Hwang Jung-eum knows how to keep her fans on edge, from acting in dramas to sharing what’s on her plate!

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How to Eat Like a Hwarang

Explore the meals portrayed in the popular K-drama Hwarang, so you can eat like one of them, too!

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QUIZ: Which Pepero Flavor Should You Eat?

There are many different Pepero flavors, and they cover a variety of different flavors as well! The Pepero lineup consists of multiple varieties of chocolates, fruit flavors, and even unique flavors, like almond and green tea. Figure out which Pepero flavor you should eat and enjoy Korean snacking!


5 Non-Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

Here at SnackFever, we want to bring to you the ultimate Korean snacks (and drinks) for you to try. Whether it’s a hot summer or a beautiful chilly day in November, you’re sure to love these five delicious drinks!


Fruit-Flavored Snack Attack

A wide variety of Korean snacks and drinks include an array of fruit flavors, due to a great appreciation for fruit that runs very deep in Korean culture.

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7 Korean Makeup Products That Contain Food! (But Don’t Try To Eat Them!)

Korean makeup brands are giving new meaning to a “fresh face of makeup.” Popular brands like Skinfood, Too Cool for