Korean Fish Cake: A Snack Worth Eating

Many K-dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, feature the popular street food, odeng!


Upgrading Your K-snacks: Fire Noodles Edition

Let’s make a simple fire noodle barbecue sauce, and some delicious rabokki! Both of these can come from one pack of fire noodles and a few extra ingredients.

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The Only Winter Snacks You Need According to Stray Kids

JYP’s latest debuted male idol group, Stray Kids, has got it all—insane talent (they co-write and co-compose all their music), a growing fanbase (hi STAY!), and apparently the hookup on the very best winter Korean snack goods.


On the Go: Snacks on Sticks

In a world of multitasking, there are times we need our food to be just as mobile as we are.