Food Hot Spots

Get Your Brunch on at BimBom!

BimBom Cafe is a great place to get your fill of brunch atmosphere in Korea!


South Korea’s Eggcellent Food Ventures!

From egg rolls and egg bread to eggs paired with rice, here are some EGGciting ways eggs are served in Korea!


Snack While You Study, Study While You Snack!

Let’s take a look at some trademark Korean study snacks that can be found in convenience stores!


Snack Hacks: South Korean Ramen Upgrades!

Everyone knows a bit of egg or ham takes a little ramen a long way, but do you know about these other ways to level up your Korean ramen game?


The Korean “Egg Roll”: Gyeran-mari

Tired of cereal every morning, and still need to get your daily dose of protein? Try the Korean side dish, gyeran-mari!

K-Beauty & Fashion

7 Korean Makeup Products That Contain Food! (But Don’t Try To Eat Them!)

Korean makeup brands are giving new meaning to a “fresh face of makeup.” Popular brands like Skinfood, Too Cool for