Egg Buns and Egg Puns 🥚

Have you ever tried the eggcellent egg bun, also known as gyeranppang?

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Learn Korean on the Go!

Whether you set aside an hour a day or fit study time in where you can, these resources will help you speak Korean like a pro in no time!


South Korea’s Eggcellent Food Ventures!

From egg rolls and egg bread to eggs paired with rice, here are some EGGciting ways eggs are served in Korea!

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The Hangul Games!

Learning Korean isn’t easy—there’s Hangul, sentence structure, and grammar. On app stores, there are hundreds of Korean language learning programs!

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7 Apps Any K-Pop Fan Needs

Check out these seven apps to see K-pop in a new way, and stay up to date with the latest trends while you wait for your faves to have a comeback!

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Eggbun! What Is It and Why You Should Be Using It to Learn Korean!

Ever wanted to learn Korean, but didn’t have any resources available to you? One app you could try is Eggbun!